Your Lottery Update

9th August 2019

When you play the Age UK Weekly Lottery there’s every chance you could bring yourself a bit of luck. And one thing’s for certain, you’re also helping us make a real difference to the wellbeing of older people. A full 56p in every pound raised through the lottery goes directly towards Age UK’s charitable work. That’s more than other leading lotteries, like The National Lottery and The Health Lottery, give to charity (Society Lottery Returns 2018). Read on to see how we’re helping older people throughout the UK with the lottery.



Free benefits calculator and advice

Wellbeing in Later Life research

With 2 million pensioners living below the poverty line and many thousands more struggling to make ends meet, claiming the benefits they are entitled to could make a big difference to their income and their live. However, the complexity of different benefits available can be a minefield for older people to try and negotiate.

That is why Age UK provides a free benefits calculator, free guides and advice to help older people claim the benefits they deserve.
As we age, good health and a good social network are important to our wellbing. However, our research has highlighted a surprising fact: creative and cultural participation has the biggest impact on wellbeing in later life. Unfortunately, the research also found participation in these activities declined with age. 

That's why Age UK works with policymakers and practicioners to find ways to help more older people take part. And why we help local Age UKs develop their own creative and cultural activities.
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Need help with computer skills?

Nowadays going online is a way of life. But for the 3.9 million over 65s who don't use the internet, it's an alienating world where they can feel left behind and forgotten. Age UK is working hard to give older people the support, skills and confidence they need to get online. 
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Dogs recruited to help with dementia

Hats off for The Big Knit

For the past two years the day support groups at Age UK Trafford have been joined by some special furry friends. It started with Dave the chihuahua and more doggy friends have now been recruited to help people with memory loss. These special little dogs are having a big impact on everyone they meet, bringing a little happiness to those living with dementia.

We asked our lovely supporters to knit little hats that would fit on top of an innocent smoothie bottle. For each bottle sold with a wooly hat, Age UK receives 25p. A big thank you to everyone that has been sending their hats to us. Please look out for these jolly smart creations, they will appear on bottles in October.

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Working to save free TV for older people

For over a million of the oldest people in our country, the TV is their constant companion and window on the world.

We found that more than 50,000 UK pensioners could be pushed to below the poverty line if free TV licences are scrapped. That's why we desperately want to save them.
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