Spend or save, what would you do with £25,000?

5th August 2019

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If you’re playing the Age UK Weekly Lottery, you’re being entered into the chance of winning up to £25,000 every quarter! We all have something in mind that we’d spend our winnings on, perhaps buying a new car or consider opening a savings account. But are you a spender or a saver?


You could buy that car you’ve always wanted

You know that set of wheels you’ve been after for years? You know the one; soft top, red paint, perfect for breezing around country roads? With Age UK’s Weekly Lottery, you could buy the car of your dreams and have money left over!

Perhaps you’d like to take a trip abroad with all the family

Who doesn’t love a holiday away in the sun, enjoying the time with family? You could enjoy a luxury trip abroad with the £2,000 Age UK Weekly Lottery winnings and be entered into a £25,000 draw that could pay for the entire family to go away. Why not use your winnings to make some memories and have the experience of a lifetime!


You might want to redecorate the house

£25,000 would be the perfect amount to invest in some updates to your home. You could buy some new furniture to revamp a room that needs some love or hire some help for that conservatory or extension you’ve always wanted. This could add value to your house as well as sprucing up your current living environment.

Think about ticking something off your bucket list

There must have been something you’ve always wanted to do, perhaps an adventure you’ve always wanted to take? £25,000 would be the perfect way to tick off some must-do activities without the stress and guilt of spending loads of money. You could take flying lessons, swim with dolphins or visit the other side of the world.



Consider opening a savings account for your grandchildren

Preparing for the future is always a good idea. Being able to save for your grandchildren could make a difference to them when it comes to buying a house or going to university. 

You might want to reduce your mortgage

It could be a way to reduce your mortgage payments or end your mortgage early. Even using a portion of your winnings could reduce your mortgage payments.

Seek independent financial help and advice

You could consider taking financial advice to help you decide what to do with your winnings. By seeking professional guidance, you may give yourself the best chance to grow your £25,000.


So, when it comes down to it, are you a spender or a saver? Don’t forget to enter Age UK’s Weekly Lottery to be in with the chance of winning £25,000.

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