Prize Structure Change

The Prize structure is changing for the Age UK Lottery and the Age UK Raffle. We will still have the largest Prize fund and the best odds of winning a prize!

In order to make sure we can help as many people as we can our Lottery Superdraw prize fund will be changing. From the 10 September 2021 the Age UK Weekly Lottery Superdraws which are held every quarter (every 13 weeks) will be combined with our Raffle prize fund. This means that the winners of the prizes within these draws moving forward will be split between Lottery Players and Raffle Players. There are still 5,000 cash prizes to be won with an amazing top prize of £25,000. The total prize fund will now be £75,000, still the biggest charity lottery prize fund.

The new combined prizes for the quarterly draws will be:

  • First - £25,000
  • Second - £5,000
  • Third - £2,500
  • Fourth - £2,000
  • Fifth £1,500
  • Sixth - £1,000
  • Seventh - £300
  • Eighth - £150
  • Ninth - £100
  • Tenth - £50
  • 2,490 runners up prizes of £10
  • Then 2,500 further runners up prizes of £5

This remains the largest Charity run Lottery prize fund in the UK. The expected odds of winning a prize in this draw will be 1 in 110 so you still have very good odds of winning.

Tuesday Treat Draw

The number of free Superdraw entries in our Tuesday Treat Draw will also be reducing from 1,000 to 750 but the odds of winning are still incredibly generous 1 in 9. The first prize remains as £2,000 with 249 Prizes of £5 and 750 runners up prizes of a free entry into the next Age UK Superdraw. This change will take place from the 10 August Tuesday Treat draw.