Age UK Weekly Lottery
Licences & Rules

Age UK (charity no. 1128267) wholly owns three subsidiary companies, each of which promotes a society lottery to raise funds to support different areas of Age UK’s work. Each lottery draw is promoted by one of the subsidiaries on a rotational basis, in accordance with the lottery draw calendar (see and the lottery draws together are referred to as the Age UK Weekly Lottery. Responsible person: Steph Harland, Tavis House, 1-6 Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9NA. £1 per entry. You must be 18 or over to enter. Entries not to be sold to or by anyone under 18 years of age. See for full terms and conditions. The three subsidiary companies, also known as “Promoters”, share the same registered office address at Tavis House, 1-6 Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9NA and are each licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission ( (i) Age UK Information and Advice Lottery CIC, registered company (no. 11335248), Gambling Commission Licence no: 52373, provides funding for Age UK’s free national advice line, practical expert information guides and factsheets and local advice drop-in sessions provided by Age UK’s partners; (ii) Age UK Education and Research Lottery CIC, registered company (no. 11372685), Gambling Commission Licence no: 52417, provides funding for Education and Research; (iii) Age UK Local Programmes Lottery CIC, registered company (no. 11335613), Gambling Commission Licence no: 52413, provides funding for the 140+ local Age UK charities that deliver high quality services and social activities to their local communities.

Age UK Information and Advice Lottery CIC (Registered Company No.11335248, License no: 52373), provides funding for Age UK’s Information and Advice Service which provides information and advice to people over the age of 50 and their carers. The information and advice Age UK provides covers every facet of later life from how to find a care home to how to calculate an older person’s pension entitlement. This service is provided in the form of free information guides and fact sheets available online, on the phone through Age UK’s Advice line, and through local partners who deliver the service through drop in sessions around the UK.

Age UK Local Programmes Lottery CIC (Registered Company No.11335613, License No: 52413), provides funding for a range of services that Age UK delivers throughout its local network of 140+ local Age UK charities. Age UK Local programmes include services such as helping older people to stay active or supporting older people to become digitally up-skilled. These services are aimed at improving wellbeing. Funding these services will help to secure the viability of our local network

Age UK Education and Research Lottery CIC (Registered Company No.11372685 License No. 52417) provides funding for the Policy and Research teams at Age UK. These teams research and gather evidence on the main issues impacting older people here in the UK. They then work to educate the public, service providers and the government with their findings with the aim to shape policies and systems with older people in mind.

There is one Age UK Lottery draw per week and, once a quarter, the weekly draw is replaced by a Superdraw which is open to regular Age UK Lottery players.

Age UK Weekly
Lottery Rules

Entry to the Age UK Lottery

  • 1. Your purchase of an Age UK Lottery entry is from the applicable Promoter(s)
  • 2. By entering the Age UK Lottery you agree to comply with these rules the rules and regulations of the Gambling Commission under legislation laid down in the Gambling Act 2005 and any further instructions or rules issued by the Promoters from time to time.
  • 3. The Promoters may amend these Rules at any time. The Promoters will notify you of any significant changes to these Rules and will publish the updated Rules on Age UK’s Website.
  • 4. The Promoters may reject any application without giving reason at its absolute discretion if it has reasonable grounds to do so. No detail in the application may be changed in any way once it has been submitted, except for a change of address.
  • 5. You are solely responsible for providing and (where necessary) updating the Promoters with your accurate and up to date contact details and the Promoters will be in no way liable for any failure or inability to contact you due to any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the contact details that you have provided.
  • 6. The Promoters reserves the right to use winners’ names for promotional purposes. These will only be used in summary e.g. Mrs Smith from Surrey.
  • 7. The cost of each entry is £1. You may purchase more than one entry.
  • 8. Payment must be made in advance before you can be entered into the draw. Only entries for which payment has been received in full are eligible to win a prize.
  • 9. You accept that we may be unable to provide refunds or replacements once you have purchased your lottery entries.


  • 10. All proceeds from the Age UK Lottery and Raffle go to the relevant Promoter, each of which are wholly owned subsidiaries of Age UK to which they donate all of their profits. All funds are held in separate trust accounts.

Eligibility to Enter

  • 11. To enter the Weekly Lottery you must be age 18 or over and live in the UK. We are not licensed to accept entries from The Channel Islands or The Isle of Man.
  • 12. You promise and confirm that you meet the Age UK Lottery entry age requirements and are able in all legal respects to enter and participate in the Age UK Lottery

Conducting the Lottery and Prizes

  • 13. A Promoters will conduct the weekly lottery draw every Friday in accordance with the lottery draw calendar. The draw will be made utilising a Random Number Generator that has been tested and approved by an independent, Gambling Commission approved, third-party test house.
  • 14. The winning numbers will be published on the Age UK Website and will be available via the Age UK Weekly Lottery helpline from the following working day. Please telephone 0800 849 6070 (Monday-Friday 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.)
  • 15. The award and receipt by you of any Lottery Prize is subject to your compliance with these Rules.
  • 16. The prizes for the Age UK Weekly Lottery are printed in the leaflets provided and are advertised on the Age UK Website. There are no alternatives to any prize and no interest is payable. You will be notified as to any change in the prize structure. You must claim your prize within three years of the original prize being awarded.
  • 17. Cash prizes will be sent by post and paid by cheque within 14 days. You must cash any cheques within six months of receipt.
  • 18. The Promoter’s decisions made pursuant to these Rules shall, once made, be final and binding.


  • 19. You may cancel your subscription at any time by notifying us by phone, email, or in writing.
  • 20. The Promoters reserves the right to (i) decline to accept an application; (ii) cancel an existing subscription; and/or (iii) award any prize to an alternative winner if the Promoters has grounds to believe that you have breached any of these terms and conditions, acted fraudulently or illegally, or on other reasonable grounds, and the Promoters shall have no liability to you for any loss or damage you suffer arising from the Promoters exercising such rights.
  • 21. The Promoters may (without giving any reason or notice) terminate suspend or modify the Age UK Lottery
  • 22. Any cancellation of an existing subscription will not affect your prior purchase of Age UK Lottery entries nor your rights as a holder of such entries, providing that you have complied with any applicable Rules in respect of such entries.


  • 23. The Promoters operates a Complaints and Disputes Procedure which is available via the Age UK Website and which will be made available to you upon request.

Exclusions and Limitations

  • 24. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall limit the Promoter’s liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, fraud or for any other matter for which liability may not be limited by law.
  • 25. The Promoters is not liable to you for:
    1. a. loss or damage, including the right to receive a prize, suffered by you if you have not complied with these rules, any relevant participation instructions or the rules and regulations of the Gambling Commission under legislation laid down in the Gambling Act 2005;
    2. b. any delays or failures in the banking system used by you or the Promoter,
    3. c. the loss, theft, delayed receipt of or damage to any communication or entry,
    4. d. the Promoter’s failure or inability to contact you and/or award any prize due to any errors omissions or inaccuracies in the contact or bank details you have provided or your failure to update these if they change,;
    5. e. loss or damage incurred by any you in connection with or arising from the use of the Age UK Lottery prizes or participation in the Age UK Weekly Lottery
    6. f. any delays or failures in the Age UK website or any software, hardware or any other systems used by the Promoters for the administration of the Age UK Lottery or
    7. g. any failure or delay beyond the Promoter’s reasonable control.
  • 26. The Promoters is not liable to you in contract, tort (including but not limited to negligence) or otherwise in connection with the Age UK Lottery for loss of revenue, contract, profits, anticipated savings or loss of data, any special or indirect or consequential losses or any loss of goodwill or reputation.
  • 27. All warranties, conditions or guarantees relating to the Age UK Lottery made by or on behalf of a Promoters whether express or implied by law, in the course of dealings or otherwise, are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.
  • 28. The Promoter’s liability to you shall be limited to the amount of any prize which has become due to you.

Responsible Gambling

  • 29. Age UK and the Promoters are committed to ensuring that information about how to gamble responsibly and how to access information and help in respect of problem gambling is readily available to all. Please refer to the Age UK Website or request further information via the Lottery Helpline on 0800 849 6070.

Your Personal Details

  • 30. The Promoters will use your information to enable you to take part in the Age UK Weekly Lottery. For more information about how the Promoters and Age UK use personal data see