Age UK Weekly Lottery Prizes

For just £1 a week you can enter for the chance to win some fantastic cash prizes in the Age UK Weekly Lottery.

You could win up to £25,000 in our Quarterly Superdraw and each week you have the chance to win one of 1,000 cash prizes. We give away more cash to more winners every week than any other charity-run lottery - so don’t miss out, play today!

'I never win things like this! Thank you very much, this will come in handy as we are moving in the next four weeks, this is such a nice surprise.'

Mr Symonds | £15,000 Age UK Quarterly Superdraw Winner (2019)

Why play the Age UK Weekly Lottery?

There are 1,000 guaranteed winners every week:

Plus automatic entry into our Quarterly Superdraw:

5,000 winner every 3 months
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  • PLUS 4,990 £10 winners

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